America's Next Top Model

Amanda Babin and Michelle Babin (born June 28, 1987) were contestants from cycle 7 of ANTM in 2006. They placed fourth and fifth respectively.

Early Life

They both attended Brookhurst Jr. High School. Amanda was working as a bookstore sales associate and Michelle was a student.

They were both signed with LA Models before the show.


The twins were cast together on cycle 7, although when Tyra was selecting the top thirteen contestants, Michelle was called third and Amanda was called second to last. From the beginning it appeared that Michelle had a more natural ability to model, getting the first call-out in the first week, however was constantly criticized for her lack of passion. On the other hand, Amanda had a lot more drive, but was seen as the weaker twin most weeks.

Michelle was also known for questioning her sexuality. She told her mom on the phone "I don't know if I'm straight or not." Both Amanda and her mom were supportive.

In episode ten, the top five at judging were asked to vote who had the most and least potential. Amanda received two votes (from Eugena and CariDee), and Michelle sacrificed herself, calling herself the worst, in hopes the judges would select Amanda to continue on over her. Michelle was eliminated in that judging.

Episode eleven, Amanda was the tenth girl to be eliminated when CariDee survived her second bottom two appearance.

After cycle 7, the twins were in the memorable Top Model moments photoshoot in cycle 8 with Brittany.

They made cameos as cheerleaders in the first episode of cycle 10, with Joanie and Furonda from cycle 6, and Jael from cycle 8.


The twins have had a minor career. They starred in a 2008 horror film From Within.[1]

In 2019, Michelle married Teresa Lincoln, with Amanda as maid of honor.[2]


  • Amanda and Michelle are the first twins to compete on ANTM. They are followed by Tash and Cody from cycle 23.
  • They are also the first set of sisters to compete.



  • "Me and my sister were kind of disappointed about having different looks because now we can't switch. We can't like trick people as easily."


  • "I might be- gay."

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