America's Next Top Model

Tahlia Farley, née Brookins was a contestant on cycle 12 of ANTM in 2009, where she placed eighth.


Tahlia was most known for being a burn survivor. She explained that when she was a baby, her mother left her on the kitchen counter, and pulled a cord from a coffee maker onto her. She was the fifth girl called to the final cast.

In episode two, she was upset at the first runway challenge because the other girls were wearing dresses while her scars had to be covered up with pants and a jacket.

In episode five, at the drag queen posing challenge, Tahlia was booed off stage by the audience, shattering her confidence. She told the girls that she considered leaving the competition. Later, she received the first call-out for the Ellis Island immigrant photoshoot. When Sandra was saved over Kortnie, Celia walked up to Tyra and threw Tahlia under the bus.

In episode seven, she was criticized at the acting teach for holding back too much. Later at panel, the judges thought she looked older than she was. She was in the bottom two with Allison, and eliminated for her low self-esteem.

At the cycle 12 reunion, where she partook in a photoshoot with other burn survivors.[1] She then announced she was pregnant.[2]


After the show, Tahlia was featured in People magazine.[3][4]

She has since retired from modeling and is now a mother.


Her, Aminat and Teyona's fight with Allison, Celia and Natalie ranked number four on MsMojo's YouTube video "Top 10 Craziest Fights on America's Next Top Model".[5]


  • Celia said in an interview that the girls watched the 2009 presidential election, and all of them celebrated Barack Obama's win except for Tahlia.

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