America's Next Top Model

Sheena Sakai was a contestant on cycle 11 of ANTM in 2008. She placed sixth in the competition. She later returned for the All Stars cycle in 2011, where she was the second girl eliminated.

Early Life

Sheena is half Japanese and half Korean. She was originally born in Hawaii. She was working as a go-go dancer before competing on the show.


Cycle 11

Sheena was known for being deemed too hoochie by the judges. In episode three, there was a posing challenge were the girls had to sell a purse. Sheena put one of her legs over her head and placed the purse in between her crotch. Later, she was ridiculed by Mr. Jay for using only her buttocks to hold onto the ladder of the hot air balloon photoshoot. At panel, she was asked if her breasts were real, to which she denied. She then asked to come back forward to admit her lying. Tyra commended her honesty. She was put in the bottom two in episode eight for her overt sexiness, but was saved over Lauren Brie for her vibrant personality.

She was also known for butting heads with Elina and Marjorie. She thought that they, as European immigrants, were using this as an excuse to complain about the American girls. In episode nine, Elina won a challenge with the prize being a holiday spread in Seventeen. Sheena thought it was hypocritical for Elina, an atheist, to appear in this.

She was eliminated in episode ten because she had trouble controlling her face and body together, as well as inconsistency.

Cycle 17

In episode two, she was given the word "Unexpected" for her brand. Later, at makeovers, she was worried that she was going to get one, but Miss Jay was kidding. At the Pink's hot dog photoshoot, she tried to incorporate flower petals in her hot dog, but it did not work and put her in the bottom two with Kayla. She was eliminated because the judges saw more potential in Kayla than her.


After the show, Sheena signed with Model Management Group and Roman Personal Management.[1]

She was in the magazines Huf, Ellements and Height, the latter with Ebony Haith.[2][3]

She has walked for BET's Rip the Runway in 2009.

In 2016, she was cast as the character Soo on the Starz original series "Power".

She got engaged in 2020.


  • Sheena stated that the reason why she fought with Elina so much was they were actually good friends in the house. She also stated that Elina had a crush on her and backed off when she found out she had a boyfriend.
  • She stated after All-Stars that her contract specifically stated that she will not get a makeover.[4]

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