America's Next Top Model

Brittney Brown, better known as ShaRaun Brown, was a contestant on cycle 11 of ANTM in 2008. She was the first girl eliminated.


ShaRaun (named Brittney B. at this point) came into the audition room holding her lucky panties in her hand. She was the ninth girl called into the final fourteen.

In episode two, she was infamous for telling all the judges in a one-on-one, "My name is ShaRaun and I am America's Next Top Model!". She was also known for making very transphobic comments about Isis. She called her a man, a drag queen and made fun of her at the political photoshoot.

She was eliminated over Nikeysha, and broke down crying, with all the other girls walking over to her to hug her.


After the show, ShaRaun signed with Elite Model Management in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York, LA Models and Select Models Chicago.[1][2][3]

She was in the magazines Vaitea, True Star, Mint Male, Holistic Therapist, and Fashion Odds.[4] She appeared in the music video for Lil Jon's "Miss Chocolate".[5]


  • ShaRaun's real name is the same phonetically as Brittany Brown. They are the only two girls in ANTM history who have this similarity.

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