America's Next Top Model

Seymone Cohen-Fobish was a contestant on cycle 18 of ANTM in 2012. She was the eighth girl eliminated and placed seventh.

Early Life

Seymone worked as a dental assistant before the show. She originally auditioned for cycle 17, but wasn't selected because it was an All-Star cycle.[1]


Seymone was best known for her temper. She received the first call-out in episode one for her strong portrayal of Michelle Obama in the US vs. UK icon photoshoot.

In episode two, she ate an entire haggis all by herself in the US vs. UK food challenge. Candace made fun of her for it, and the two got into an argument. She was later put in the bottom two for her weak toddlers with Jenners photoshoot. She was saved over Mariah.

In episode three, all the British girls pranked Seymone by throwing balls of paper while she was sleeping. Seymone got angry and screamed loudly at them. She was in the bottom two again with Candace in episode four, and saved again. In episode five, she didn't book any shows at the Toronto go-see challenge, but was praised for her strong maple syrup photo.

In episode eight, at the Hello Kitty photoshoot, Seymone was comlaining at how heavy her headpiece was, and she had to have ice on her head. She was in the bottom two once again with Eboni, this time for not taking the competition seriously, and was eliminated. She became so emotional that she walked off mid-confessional.


After the show, Seymone signed with Wilhelmina Models and LA Models.[2][3] She took a few test shots, and modeled for Rue21.[4][5]

She has since retired from modeling.


  • Seymone is the first plus size girl to have the first ever first call-out in a cycle.

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