America's Next Top Model

Nolé Marin is one of the many fashion-editors of ELLE magazine (US), and is a common public figure in the fashion industry. He is also a fashion stylist who occasionally does hair and wardrobe for models before their shoots, and well as organize spreads within ELLE magazine itself.

He is probably most famous as a judge on the then UPN's hit series America's Next Top Model cycles 3 and 4, which saw contestants Eva Pigford and Naima Mora winning the competition respectively. During his time as a judge, he has often feuded with co-judge and supermodel Janice Dickinson. Their conflict eventually boiled over and both left the judging panel in 2005, Marin being replaced by runway coach Ms J. Alexander and Dickinson by fashion icon Twiggy.

He is openly gay, and lives with his pet chihuahua Empress Minnie, who also made several appearances on America's Next Top Model.

He has also made several appearances on the second cycle of Canada's Next Top Model as the photo shoot director, which saw Rebecca Hardy win.