America's Next Top Model

Nikeysha Clarke was a contestant on cycle 11 of ANTM in 2008, where she was the second girl eliminated and placed thirteenth.


Nikeysha was known for being very over the top. She flashed her breasts in the pre-show auditions and again in front of Tyra and the Jays at the top 30 auditions.

In the second episode, she struggled in the politics photoshoot. Later at panel, she kept talking over the judges, angering them, and placing her in the bottom two. She was saved over ShaRaun.

In episode three, she says at the challenge that she needed to pee, and she was deemed unprofessional. At the panel, she was critiqued on being too thin. She was put in the bottom two with Isis, and was eliminated. She was still talking in this bottom two. In her elimination speech, she was edited to be talking over the fade-out with a ticking clock.


Nikeysha was reportedly searching for an agency, but did not pursue any modeling.[1] She appeared on the cycle 10 reunion episode of The Tyra Banks Show with ShaRaun.

She is currently a student at New York Medical College.[2]