America's Next Top Model

Nicole Lucas-Blay is an American fashion-model, who placed twelfth on cycle 16 of ANTM in 2011.

Early Life

Before the show, Nicole modeled in Singapore under the name Chloe Lucas. She was signed with Avenue Models. She was in Elle, Style Singapore, Luxx, Chic, Prestige, NüYou, Sparkle, Interview.[1] She modeled for the Island Shop, Parco and was in a MasterCard ad.[2][3]


In episode one, Nicole was seen crying at the fakeout casting elimination.

She was noted by the judges in both of her panels to look very youthful and beautiful in person, but photographed much older. Ultimately, she was sent home over Dalya for failing to produce photographs in which she did not look old.

Behind The Scenes

Nicole is perhaps most known for her extremely minor edit, which fans believed was unfair. She was the only girl not shown performing the bubble runway challenge.

In the second episode, she was actually declared the winner of the inner critic challenge, but the edit made all the girls be the winner, most likely due to Nicole's early elimination.


Nicole has stated that she did not plan to continue modeling, and wanted the show to be one of the last things to do before retiring.

She graduated from the University of Central Florida, in Orlando, Florida. She later worked for a public relations agency.

She currently working as a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse.[4] She is married to a doctor named Charles Blay.[5]


  • There is a leaked photo of Nicole as a decoy performing the fire runway challenge in episode four.[6]

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