America's Next Top Model

Molly O'Connell is an American fashion model, best known for her participation in cycle 16 of ANTM in 2011, where she was the runner-up.


During her time in the cycle, Molly was known for producing beautiful pictures that stunned and captivated the judges, but she was often castigated for her pessimistic, tough and unfriendly attitude. This often led the judges to doubt that she would do well in the industry.

Molly's makeover was a long, thick, blonde weave which caused her great problems throughout the cycle. Her first problem was when the weavologist sewed the weave on incorrectly, so it was only half on her head, but Tyra had it re-done for her to Molly's relief. However, the new weave caused scalp problems, angering her greatly, and making her attitude even worse. Eventually, Tyra took out the weave completely and just left Molly's natural hair.

Molly achieved four first call-outs, two second call-outs and won one challenge. She appeared in the bottom two twice, the first time with Dalya for letting her hair problems affect her jaguar photoshoot, and the second time with Jaclyn for her bad attitude. She was spared both times.

In the final two, Molly's portfolio was deemed to be strong, but she lost out to Brittani, due to Kline's outstanding runway walk, fantastic Covergirl commercial and equally strong portfolio.


After the show, Molly has been signed with Images Management in New York. As of 2020, she is signed to Click Models in New York.[1] She was in the magazines HUF, ShoeHolics, Fuzion, Vogue Knitting, FantasticsMag, Bronze, Stella Nova, Arsenic and American Salon.[2]

She appeared in an episode of Below Deck.[3] She was a runway model for Sergio Guadarrama on the Project Runway season 18 finale.[4]

She was a guest for the cycle 16 episode of Jays Chat in 2020.[5]


Her makeover ranked number 4 on MsMojo's YouTube video "Top 20 Worst America's Next Top Model Makeovers".[6]


  • Molly stated that she was originally on the All-Stars cast, but the day of the live judging in episode one was the same day as the cycle 16 finale airing. The producers switched her out for Alexandria for spoiler purposes.

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