Maria Tucker Trefgarne was a contestant on cycle 19 of ANTM in 2012. She quit in episode three and placed twelfth.

Early Life

In 2011, Maria was in the magazines Papercut and Improper Bostonian.[1][2]


Maria represented Harvard University. She was the ninth girl called to the final cast. She is best known for her stuck up attitude and every single one of the other girls disliking her.

In episode two, she challenged the judges' critiques of her taxidermy photo, saying that she did have better angles and that the best one was not picked. Kelly insisted that it was her best and Tyra said she needed to take modeling more seriously. She was placed in the bottom three.

In episode three, the girls were offered the option of accepting or refusing a makeover blindly. Maria refused, infamously saying, "Hell No!". Later, Kelly confronted her, and Maria doubled down on her stance. She later called her a cunt at the nude photoshoot, to the shock of the other girls. When Johnny came to get her for the nude photo shoot, Maria started to cry, said she didn't want to be there anymore, and that she didn't want to model. She quit, and all of the girls were glad.

Due to Maria's quitting, the opening credits had to be shorter than usual, and there were no names shown, because the producers thought people wouldn't notice that Maria wasn't featured.


After the show, Maria was in the magazines Coup Boston, Improper Bostonian again, and Brown Alumni.[3] She modeled for Amian Designs, Rue La La, Calico, EF Language Schools, Salon Mario Russo, Gregory Paul Womenswear Fall 2013, and Life Is Good.[4]

She has since retired from modeling. She is currently living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she worked in marketing.[5]


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