America's Next Top Model

Lauren Levi-Nance, better known as London Levi-Nance, was a contestant on cycle 12 of ANTM in 2009, where she placed seventh.

Early Life

Shortly before the show, London was in rehab for anorexia.


London was a street preacher, and demonstrated how she preaches to the judges at auditions. She was the eighth girl called to the final cast.

In episode seven, she won the acting challenge with Clay Aiken. She won $5,000 worth of clothes, but she gave most of them to the other girls because she had gained weight and would not be able to fit in the clothes.

In episode nine, at the photoshoot with Ciara, Mr. Jay discussed London's weight gain and told her she's too small for plus-size, and needed to watch her eating habits. She was in the bottom two with Aminat, and was eliminated.

At the cycle 12 reunion, she was voted "Most likely to bring a bible on a date". There was then a segment of her preaching to people on the street.[1]


London did not sign to an agency, but took many test shots. She modeled purses for a designer named Ashard Richley.[2]

She was in the October 2009 issue of Playboy.[3] However, she stated on Twitter that the photographer sold the photos to Playboy without her permission.[4][5]

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