America's Next Top Model

Lauren Utter was a contestant on cycle 10 of ANTM in 2008, where she placed sixth. She also competed in the spin-off series Modelville, where she quit in fifth and last place.


Lauren was known as a punk girl at castings who seemed to have no model potential. Tyra said that she was hopeless. Despite this, she was the eleventh girl called into the house.

In episode four, Lauren did an abysmal walk in the runway show challenge. Jaslene Gonzalez, who was the guest judge, asked her if she wanted to be in the competition.

She developed friendships with Claire and Whitney, and they constantly feuded with Dominique and Fatima. In episode seven, Fatima accused Lauren of dumping out her coffee. This led to Lauren screaming "You are fucking crazy!" to Fatima across the kitchen table.

In episode nine, Lauren sliced her thumb trying to chop onions, and needed to get stitches.

She was eliminated in episode 10 for performing the worst at the commercial in Rome.


Lauren was one of five alumni selected for the spin-ff series, Modelville, within The Tyra Banks Show.

In episode two, after Renee talks about the abuse she received from her father, Lauren reveals that she was raped by her grandfather.

In episode three, she invited some of her friends over to the loft, and they trash the entire place. All the other girls get mad at Lauren for not interfering or cleaning after their messes.

In the finale, she revealed that she broke up with her boyfriend, John John, prior to the show, and he wants them to get back together. She felt that she wasn't spokesmodel material, and quits right before the commercial shooting. John John reveals in the audience that they have gotten back together.


Lauren has signed to VIP Stars Models in New York. She was in Pomp and Circumstance magazine, and modeled for Thorn and Urban Outfitters. She was one of the models in the season six finale of "Project Runway".[1]

She now collects retro children's toys.


Her fight with Dominique ranked number six on MsMojo's YouTube video "Top 10 Craziest Fights on America's Next Top Model".[2]

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