America's Next Top Model

Laura LaFrate was a contestant on cycle 18 of ANTM in 2012, where she was the runner-up.

Early Life

Laura started modeling when she was 15 years old.[1]


Laura was known for being very sexual, as well as her strong rivalry with Kyle.

In episode two, she received the first call-out for the toddlers with Jenners photoshoot. In episode four, she was one of the girls who argued with Kyle during the product selling challenge. In episode five, she and Kyle originally booked the Pink Tartan show in the Toronto go-sees, but were fired for being too inexperienced.

In episode six, the girls were playing with Laura's stuffed teddy bear, Alan, who was given to a deceased friend, Kevin. An ear was ripped off by accident, and Kyle tried to fish it out of the pool, which led to Laura having a meltdown.

In episode nine, when the girls went to Macau, Laura won the astrology challenge. She did a good job at the silkworm photoshoot, because she thought of "really good sex". She received the first call-out. In episode ten, she won the acting challenge with Nicholas Tse. All the other girls later joked that she seduced Nicholas, and was sleeping her way to the top. She won her third first call-out for the Macau tower photoshoot. She was in the bottom two with Annaliese in episode eleven, because her walk and Dream Come True photo was too sexy. She was saved because of her strong body of work.

In the finale, after the CoverGirl photoshoot, Laura suffered a panic attack and couldn't finish her commercial. She had to finish at the hotel. She eventually was defeated by Sophie.

Behind the Scenes

Laura posted a video to YouTube titled "Thanks everyone! Death threats and partying to come!" where she hints about the fight with Kyle.[2]

In Annaliese and Catherine's recap videos, they say that Laura didn't have a problem with the ear getting ripped off by Sophie and Annaliese, and actually joked about it. They also say that Alan was Laura's masturbating tool.[3][4][5] Catherine also mentioned Laura showed her vaginal piercing. Laura posted another video where she denied the claim.[6] Kyle took to Twitter to say that Laura was open with talking about masturbating with the bear. She tweeted:

"I'm just annoyed because last episode Laura was saying she masturbated with that elephant that's why the girls where like "it needs a bath"" - "If a teddy bear is that sentimental to you why do you tell people you masturbate with it?"

Alisha and Mariah also to Twitter to bash Laura and be on Kyle's side.[7][8] Laura meanwhile tweeted nasty things about Kyle with fueled the backlash.

"Haha if that's pissing off you friends Kyle your friends need some serious lessons in how to be more intimidating, my grandma can hit better"

"@ChristineS_91 whores have more fun than idiots like Kyle why can I say ;)"

"@JessDuldulao nope, she never got out of hs, I graduated and finnished college. Must be a low IQ"

"@ANNEloveLALA_28 she hasn't been potty trained that's why."

"pissed her off apparently haha, doesn't concern me. She's just a little girl who spilled her milk and is upset"

Kyle also clarified that Laura lied about her not graduating high school.

"IM NOT A HIGHSCHOOL DROP OUT! I actually take my education very serious.. Not cool."[9]


After the show, Laura signed with Paragon Model Management in Mexico City, and Fusion Models in South Africa.[10][11]

She was in the magazines Metroland, SÝN, Imagen Infashion, Le Roi Baroque, Saborearte, Unfolded, K-Swiss Mexico, Nylon en Español, and P.[12] She modeled for Electric City Couture, Compra Moda Nacional, Catalogo Andrea - Damas Sandalia Verano, Mexicouture, Privalia Mexico and TIRSO.[13] She also modeled for Tyra's makeup line, Tyra Beauty.[14][15][16]


Laura has appeared in the indie movies "Creeping Crawling" in 2012, and "Little Bi Peep" in 2013.[17][18]


Her makeover ranked number 8 on MsMojo's YouTube video "Top 20 Worst America's Next Top Model Makeovers".[19]

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