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g   Kesse Wallace
782010 08.jpg
Gender: Female
Born: 1982
Age: 38
Home: North Little Rock, Arkansas
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Friends: Adrianne Curry

Elyse Sewell

Robin Manning

Shannon Stewart

Cycle 1
Place: 5th/10th
Debut: The Girl Who Wants It Bad
Last: The Girl Who Deals With a Pervert

Kesse Wallace was a contestant on cycle 1 of ANTM in 2003. She was the sixth girl eliminated and placed fifth.


Kesse was known for having a strong resemblance to the host, Tyra Banks. Constant comments were made about this from both the other models and judges. There was also some criticism from the girls on whether or not it was fair to have Kesse in the competition because they thought Tyra would "crown another Tyra".

Kesse was also known for being good friends with both divides in the house: the religious girls, Shannon and Robin, and the non-religious girls, Adrianne and Elyse.

When the girls go overseas to Paris, Kesse performed poorly, only making it to three of them. She was eliminated over Adrianne, and Tyra mentions that Kesse was a hard one to eliminate, with all the judges and girls crying.

Kesse was referenced in one of the cycle 8 judging panels, when Tyra saying Kesse looked more like her than Felicia.

Call-Out Order

Kesse Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6
3rd 8th 2nd 1st 2nd Eliminated


After the show, Kesse was in the September 2003 issue of Complex magazine, and was in King magazine in March/April 2004.[1]

She walked the runway for Yeohlee Teng and Francis Hendy in Fall 2005/Spring 2006, and Renee Larc/Milan at Olympus Fashion Week in Spring 2007. She was also in a Church's Chicken commercial.[2]

Her last set of test shots were taken around 2014.[3]


  • There's evidence that Kesse might be the first person in reality-television history to utter the quote "I'm not here to make friends".
  • Kesse was the first girl to earn first call-out for a non-photoshoot week.
  • Kesse was the first girl to have one or more of the judges cry when she was eliminated.
  • Kesse was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Adrianne and Christopher Knight.
  • She was the first contestant from Arkansas.

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