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g   Katie Cleary
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Gender: Female
Born: September 21, 1982
Age: 38
Home: Glenview, Illinois
Height: 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Spouse: Andrew Stern (Ex-husband, Deceased)
Feuds: Elyse Sewell
Cycle 1
Place: 9th/10th
Debut: The Girl Who Wants It Bad
Last: The Girl Is Here to Win, Not Make Friends

Katie Cleary was a contestant on cycle 1 of ANTM in 2003. She was the second girl eliminated and placed ninth.

Early life

Cleary comes from Glenview, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago and graduated from Glenbrook South High School in 2000. Before the show, Katie was a student at university majoring in marketing and business.


On the show, Katie was one of the first eight girls to be selected to compete. She was known for being a strong animal rights activist in her interview.

In both of her photoshoots, she was critiqued for being too sexy and mens magazine. In episode two, Elyse mentioned Katie in her confessional rant, calling her the fakest person she ever met. She was in the bottom two with Kesse that week due to her overly strong sexiness, and she got eliminated.

Call-Out Order

Katie Episodes
1 2
5th Eliminated


After the show, Katie signed with Eye On You Models. She was featured in MK Online, Maxim Online, Today's Image, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, Best Body, Ripe TV, Octane TV, Battlefield Babes 2009 Calendar, SNI 2010 Calendar, Rukus, Woman's World, Lifestyle, Marie Claire, Beverly Hills Lifestyle, K9, Viva Glam, Woman this Month, Bridget Marie, Flourish Her Side, Campus Talk, Runway, Models n Mutts, LA Times, True Cowboy, Origin, ZEPHRA, South Asia, THRIVE, Beauty and the Bully 2016 Calendar, Hounds and Heroes, Vegan Lifestyle, Genlux, Supreme Protein and ELASTIderm.[1][2]

She appeared as one of the caseholders on NBC's game show, Deal or No Deal, holding case #11 for all four seasons.[3][4] She has also appeared in "Entourage", "Rules Of Engagement", "CSI: New York", "Iron Man 2", "Tosh.0", "The Tonight Show", "How To Get Away With Murder", and "Two and a Half Men".[5]

In 2014, Cleary directed, wrote and produced a multi-award winning Netflix documentary, "Give Me Shelter", promoting animal welfare and rights. She also produced a 2015 episode of "Monsters and Mysteries in America" and she was a field producer for three episodes of "Bill Nye Saves the World" in 2017 and 2018.

Personal Life

She was seen intimately with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2014, leading to her husband, Andrew Stern, committing suicide. Cleary later denied the rumors.[6][7][8][9]

Her net worth is reportedly $250,000.[10]


  • Katie is the first girl to ever be judged in panel.
  • Katie, Nicole and Adrianne are the first girls to be picked to go on a reward without winning the challenge.
  • She is the first ANTM alum to appear on Deal Or No Deal, the second being Anchal Joseph in the revamped version.

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