America's Next Top Model

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g   Jenascia Chakos
Gender: Female
Born: February 1, 1982
Age: 39
Home: Burien, Washington
Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Friends and Family
Spouse: Evan Lee Carter (Husband)
Children: KJ (Son)

Livienne (Daughter)

Friends: April Wilkner

Mercedes Scelba-Shorte

Cycle 2
Place: 9th/12th
Debut: The Girl Who Overslept
Last: The Girl Who Needs Six Months of Modeling School

Jenascia Chakos Carter was a contestant on cycle 2 of ANTM in 2004. She was the fourth girl eliminated and placed ninth.


Jenascia was infamous in the first episode for oversleeping and missing the ride to the first photoshoot. She took a cab to the set, and was about two to three hours late according to Nigel Barker. She was put in the bottom two, but was saved over Anna not doing the shoot at all.

After the episode, Jenascia was constantly criticized by the judges for her height, being only 5'7. She was also told by Betsey Johnson in episode four that she needed Six months of modeling school. She was eliminated over Catie for her height.

Call-Out Order

Jenascia Episodes
1 2 3 4
11th 9th 7th Eliminated


After the show, Jenascia returned to her job at Hooters and gave birth to her son KJ in 2007. She has taken some test shots, was in DList magazine in 2009, and was in the Rich Kids Brand spring 2013 collection.[1][2] In January 2010, she was a contestant in an episode of "Wheel of Fortune" where she won around $50,000.[3]

She is now married, has had two more kids, and collects Rehabilitated Plants.

In February 2021, she was interviewed by Oliver Twixt. There, she revealed that her and Anna are friends on Facebook, and that Anna is funny and posts things that clown on anti-maskers and Trump supporters. She also introduced her thirteen year old son and her six month old daughter. She says that she lied about being 5'7", and that she is actually "5'6 and a half on a good day".[4]


  • Jenascia, Sara, and April are the first Asian Top Model contestants. Jenascia is Filipino and Indian mixed with Greek, English, Irish and German.
  • Jenascia is the first girl to compete at 5 ft 7 in.


  • "I'm like, what the hell are we doing here? I hope it has something to do with food because I'm starving. There's Tyra, looking all glamourous, 'Hey guys, we're gonna do a fashion show.' So, we're not getting any food?"
  • "This house is totally gonna suck without me, now I'm gonna go back to slinging chicken wings at Hooters and back to my friends and being the happy person that I am."

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