America's Next Top Model

The Jays Chat is an Instagram livestream series hosted by former creative director Mr. Jay Manuel, Which started on May 2020. The series is used as promotion for Manuel's novel "The Wig, The Bitch and The Meltdown".

The series involves Mr. Jay and an alternating guest talking about the behind the scenes and secrets of every cycle, from cycle 1 until British Invasion. The episodes are typically fifty minutes long to over one hour.

Originally, Miss Jay Alexander was a second host for the series, but quit after cycle 5. Mr. Jay had to do a solo episode for cycle 6 that only lasted a few minutes. For cycle 7, Toccara Jones was the guest. For cycles 8 until 12, Sutan Amrull, better known as Raja, was the guest.

From then on, a contestant from the cycle of discussion was the guest. They were Sundai Love for cycle 13, Krista White for cycle 14, Chelsey Hersley for cycle 15, and Molly O'Connell for cycle 16. For All-Stars, Allison Harvard, Isis King and Bianca Golden were guests. Sophie Sumner was the final guest for British Invasion.

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