America's Next Top Model

Jaclyn Kathryne-Poole is an American fashion model, best known for competing on cycle 16 of ANTM in 2011, where she placed sixth.


Jaclyn was known as the sweet girl of the cycle, because of her good nature and southern accent. She began the cycle producing a stellar photo in episode one, but poor film overall. She began to grow, being deemed a stand-out within her group in the episode three, earning her fifth call-out.

She also impressed the judges with her acting skills and commercial in episode four, where she was paired with Kasia, and used her accent to her advantage, earning her third call-out. She wowed the judges in episode seven for her strong crazy for fashion photo, and received the first call-out.

Shockingly, Jaclyn was sent home in the next episode for only making it to half of her go-sees. She was eliminated over Molly, despite Molly's attitude problems and pessimistic ways. Jaclyn said she was proud of herself and that their was no stopping her, and all of the girls were reduced to tears by her elimination.


After the show, Jaclyn signed with Models International in Beverly Hills.[1]

She has since left the industry and is now working as a second grade school teacher at Raye-Allen Elementary.[2]

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