America's Next Top Model

Hannah White was a contestant on cycle 11 of ANTM in 2008, where she placed eleventh.


Hannah was known for being from Alaska and being very sheltered. She called herself the "stereotypical white girl". She also said she didn't know why black people were so loud and she didn't listen to rap music.[1]

In episode three, she pushed Isis away from her when all the girls were in the hot tub. Later, all the women of color confronted Hannah about her prejudice. She cried in the confessional and said to Marjorie that she thought it was "gang violence".

In episode five, she performed the worst at the Jeremy Scott runway show, and she was eliminated outside of judging.[2]


After the show, Hannah signed with Nous Model Management, but has only taken some test shots.[3][4]


  • Hannah is the first contestant from Alaska.
  • She is the second girl to be eliminated out of panel. She is after Magdalena Rivas.

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