America's Next Top Model
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Drew Elliot
Gender: Male
Born: April 27, 1981
Age: 39
Home: Bloomington, Indiana
Occupation: Creative Director
Cycle Run: Cycle 23-Cycle 24

Drew Elliott is the Global Creative Director of MAC Cosmetics and a Creative Consultant on cycle 23 and 24 of America's Next Top Model.


At Paper, Elliott was renowned for projects such as Kim Kardashian's #BreakTheInternet cover in November 2014. This fashion spread garnered over 50 million views on Paper's website. For his work at Paper and agencies like Ketchum Inc., Elliott was named the keynote speaker at Cannes Lions for "The Role of Technology and Marketing".

In 2016, Elliott spoke at Tedx on behalf of Estée Lauder and joined Top Model for cycle 23. They hired Elliott in 2016 to transform the show and make it appear more high fashion. In addition to serving as Creative Consultant, Elliott was a judge alongside supermodel Ashley Graham, celebrity stylist, Law Roach, and British singer, Rita Ora.

In 2017, it was announced that Tyra Banks would return for cycle 24, and that Elliott would remain as a judge. In episode 3, Elliott revealed that he has vitiligo, an incurable disease that causes a loss of skin pigmentation. In 2019, Drew Elliott was named Global Creative Director of MAC Cosmetics, leaving his post at Paper Magazine.