America's Next Top Model
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Cycle 6
Cycle 6 Cast.png
General Information
Country of origin: United States
Number of episodes: 13
Broadcast Information
Original channel: UPN
Premiere: March 8, 2006
Finale: May 17, 2006
Cycle Information
Judges: Tyra Banks
Nigel Barker
J. Alexander
Number of contestants: 13
Winner: Danielle Evans
Cycle Chronology
Previous: Cycle 5
Next: Cycle 7

Cycle 6 of America's Next Top Model premiered on March 8, 2006 on UPN and concluded on May 17, 2006.

Danielle Evans was crowned as the winner of the cycle.



The ages stated are from the start of the contest.

Contestant Age Hometown Eliminated Place
Danielle Evans 20 Little Rock, Arkansas N/A 1
Joanie Dodds 24 Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Episode 13 2
Jade Cole 26 New York, New York 3
Sara Albert 22 Davis, California Episode 12 4
Furonda Brasfield 24 Stuttgart, Arkansas Episode 11 5
Nnenna Agba 24 Houston, Texas Episode 9 6
Brooke Staricha 22 Corpus Christi, Texas Episode 8 7
Leslie Mancia 18 Higley, Arizona Episode 7 8
Mollie Sue Steenis 25 Tampa, Florida Episode 6 9
Gina Choe 21 Odessa, Florida Episode 5 10
Kari Schmidt 18 Brookings, South Dakota Episode 4 11
Wendy Wiltz 22 New Orleans, Louisiana Episode 3 12
Kathy Hoxit 20 Brevard, North Carolina Episode 2 13

Cycle Overview

Cycle Episodes Originally Aired (U.S. dates)
Cycle Premiere Cycle Finale
6 13 March 8, 2006 May 17, 2006

Cycle 6: 2006

No. in
No. in
Title Original Air Date
62 1 "The Girl Who Learns How to Dance" March 8, 2006
63 2 "The Girls Go Bald" March 8, 2006
The models must be bald for their first photo-shoot; the models participate in a press conference before celebrities.
64 3 "The Girl Who Is a True Miss Diva" March 15, 2006
The competitors get the opportunity to win a shopping spree at a Los Angeles boutique; the models pose with ice sculptures; one woman lays down some house rules for the others to follow.
65 4 "The Girl Who Kissed the Roach" March 22, 2006
The models walk the runway for a fashion designer whose spring collection includes a wild accessory: giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches.
66 5 "The Girl Who Kissed a Male Model" March 29, 2006
The contestants participate in a quick-change photo shoot representing the four seasons; one competitor kisses one of the male models during a photo shoot, stirring up controversy.
67 6 "The Girl With Two Bad Takes" April 5, 2006
68 7 "The Girl Who Has a Temper" April 12, 2006
One model loses her temper with one of her competitors; contestants get lessons on advanced runway techniques; the models must show off a line of shoes while dancing.
69 8 "The Girl Who Has Surgery" April 19, 2006
The contestants get a lesson about the ugly side of modeling and face their ability to handle criticism.
70 9 "The Girl Who Is a Model, Not a Masseuse" April 26, 2006
The contestants meet with a public relations expert before facing a tough interviewer; an unusual photo shoot overseas.
71 10 "The Girl Who Is Going to the Moon" April 26, 2006
Clips and never-before-seen footage from the show's current season.
72 11 "The Girl Who Is Rushed to the Emergency Room" May 3, 2006
One of the contestants must go to the emergency room while on location in Thailand; the models compete in a challenge that requires them to perform intricate Thai dance moves.
73 12 "The Girls Go to Phuket" May 10, 2006
The final four contestants meet Thai designer Pichita Rucksajit, who sends them out to meet and impress local designers.
74 13 "The Girl Who Walked Through the Ancient City" May 17, 2006
In Bangkok the three remaining models give their best for a commercial and photo shoot; a final runway challenge leads to the season's winner.


  • This was the last cycle to air on UPN before they merged with The WB to create The CW.
  • The international destinations for this cycle were Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand.


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