America's Next Top Model
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Cycle 3
Cycle 3 Cast.jpg
General Information
Country of origin: United States
Number of episodes: 13
Broadcast Information
Original channel: UPN
Premiere: September 22, 2004
Finale: December 15, 2004
Cycle Information
Judges: Tyra Banks
Janice Dickinson
Nigel Barker
Nolé Marin
Number of contestants: 14
Winner: Eva Pigford
Cycle Chronology
Previous: Cycle 2
Next: Cycle 4

Cycle 3 of America's Next Top Model premiered on September 22, 2004 on UPN and concluded on December 15, 2004. Tyra Banks, Janice Dickinson and Nigel Barker reprise their roles as main judges. Eric Nicholson is replaced by Nolé Marin. The cycle featured fourteen girls in the cast, and lasted for 13 episodes.

Eva Pigford was crowned as the winner of the cycle. 7th placed Toccara Jones frequently made guest appearances on the show, such as Cycle 12 and Cycle 14, and was shortlisted for the All-Stars cycle.



The ages stated are from the start of the contest.

Contestant Age Hometown Eliminated Place
Eva Pigford 19 Los Angeles, California N/A 1
Yaya DaCosta 21 Harlem, New York Episode 13 2
Amanda Swafford 25 Hendersonville, North Carolina Episode 13 3
Ann Markley 21 Erie, Pennsylvania Episode 12 4
Norelle Van Herk 20 Newport Beach, California Episode 11 5
Nicole Borud 21 Minot, North Dakota Episode 9 6
Toccara Jones 22 Dayton, Ohio Episode 8 7
Cassie Grisham 19 Norman, Oklahoma Episode 7 8
Kelle Jacob 19 New York, New York Episode 6 9
Jennipher Frost 22 Pocatello, Idaho Episode 5 10
Kristi Grommet 20 St. Louis, Missouri Episode 4 11
Julie Titus 19 Kent, Washington Episode 3 12
Leah Darrow 24 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Episode 2 13
Magdalena Rivas 24 Worcester, Massachusetts 14

Cycle Overview

Cycle Episodes Originally Aired (U.S. dates)
Cycle Premiere Cycle Finale
3 13 September 22, 2004 December 14, 2004

Cycle 3: 2004

No. in
No. in
Title Original Air Date
22 1 "The Girl With The Secret" September 22, 2004
Fourteen new contestants are introduced, and some of the aspiring models become targets of mischief at a pool party. Elsewhere, one young woman gets into a bar fight, and another reveals a personal secret.
23 2 "The Girl Who Is Co-Dependent" September 29, 2004
The models meet the judges and embark on a swimsuit shoot in Jamaica.
24 3 "The Girl Everyone Thinks Is a Backstabber" October 6, 2004
The models get makeovers from an upscale New York salon; a model's eating disorder becomes the subject of gossip.
25 4 "The Girl Who Sets a Trap" October 13, 2004
The models experience outfit troubles, battle to maintain balance and become jealous of another's success during a runway fashion show for Heatherette.
26 5 "The Girl Who Cries When She Looks in the Mirror" October 20, 2004
The contestants learn the art of sexy posing from supermodel Janice Dickinson and put newfound knowledge to the test in a New York storefront.
27 6 "The Girl Who Mutilated the Precious Brownies" October 27, 2004
Tyra Banks, model Kate Dillon and nutritionist Joy Bower visit the models to discuss body image and eating healthy; a military trainer puts the models through a grueling test of physical endurance.
28 7 "The Girl Who Forgot Her Shoes" November 3, 2004
A model becomes more casual with her competition; some models are late for a meeting with top fashion designers because they were buying shoes.
29 8 "The Girl Who Is Panic Stricken" November 10, 2004
The models are tested for their ability to excel in glamour and composure during a mock red-carpet arrival scenario; a model panics when a photoshoot requires her to pose with a live tarantula.
30 9 "The Girls Meet Taye Diggs" November 17, 2004
The contestants meet actor Taye Diggs, who teaches them some of the finer points of acting; the models learn that they are leaving New York for an exotic overseas location.
31 10 "The Girl Who Goes Ballistic" November 24, 2004
Previously unseen footage of the first eight weeks, including a confrontation between Yaya and Eva and a lingerie fashion show for Kelle.
32 11 "The Girl the Lionesses Are Hunting" December 1, 2004
The models gang up on one of their own; the women move to a home in Tokyo and are tested on their ability to adapt to local customs.
33 12 "The Girl Who Didn't Hug Goodbye" December 8, 2004
The contestants must navigate the streets of Tokyo on their own as they search for an outfit that represents the city's street style to present to a Japanese fashion designer.
33 13 "The Girl Who Wins It All" December 14, 2004
The pressure takes its toll as one contestant expresses her dislike for another; the two finalists are suprised by the unusual runway design they must walk in the final challenge; the winner is revealed.


  • This is the first cycle to feature fourteen contestants in the final cast.
  • This is the first cycle to have the first episode be a casting week. Cycle 1 had one for just the first half of the premiere.
  • This cycle had the first black winner: Eva Pigford.
  • This is the only ANTM cycle to have an all black final two.
  • This was the first cycle to have an elimination outside of judging panel.
  • This is the first cycle to have two girls eliminated in one episode, not counting finales.
  • The international destinations for the cycle were Montego Bay, Jamaica (for one episode) and Tokyo, Japan.
    • This marks the first and second time the international destination was set outside of Europe.
    • This is the first Asian international destination. This is also the first cycle to have the girls go to the Caribbean for one episode, followed by the casting week in Cycle 9.
    • This is the first cycle where the top six goes overseas, instead of the top five.
  • This is the earliest cycle to not be represented in All-Stars.


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