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Cycle 25
Cycle 23 title card
General Information
Country of origin: United States
Broadcast Information
Original channel: VH1
Premiere: TBA
Cycle Information
Judges: Tyra Banks
Number of contestants: TBA
Cycle Chronology
Previous: Cycle 24

Cycle 25 of America's Next Top Model is an upcoming cycle that is speculated to premiere on VH1 sometime in 2019.


  • On April 23, 2018, Tyra hinted that Cycle 25 may mark the return of the Girls and Guys format. However, it is also possible that Ronan Farrow may feature as a judge on the panel.[1]
  • There is also speculation that Cycle 25 may be an "All-Stars 2" and the farewell season, according to an interview by Tyra.
  • Due to Tyra filming Life Size 2, it is possible that filming for Cycle 25 won't begin until early 2019.


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