America's Next Top Model
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Cycle 23
General Information
Country of origin: United States
Number of episodes: 15
Broadcast Information
Original channel: VH1
Premiere: December 12, 2016
Finale: March 8, 2017
Cycle Information
Judges: Rita Ora
Ashley Graham
Drew Elliott
Law Roach
Number of contestants: 14
Winner: India Gants
Cycle Chronology
Previous: Cycle 22
Next: Cycle 24

Cycle 23 of America's Next Top Model premiered on December 12, 2016 on VH1.

This marks the first cycle of the show to broadcast on VH1 following the cancellation on The CW.

India Gants was crowned as the winner of the cycle.



The ages stated are from the start of the contest.

Contestant Age Hometown Eliminated Place
India Gants 20 Seattle, Washington N/A 1
Tatiana Price 21 Queens, New York Episode 14 2
Cory Anne Roberts 19 Bali, Indonesia Episode 14 3
Courtney Nelson 25 San Francisco, California Episode 13 4
Cody Wells* 26 San Jose, California Episode 12 5
Tash Wells* 26 San Jose, California Episode 11 6
Paige Mobley 22 Birmingham, Michigan Episode 10 7
Marissa Hopkins 18 Houston, Texas Episode 9 8
Binta Dibba 25 Seattle, Washington Episode 8 9
Kyle McCoy 23 Darien, Connecticut Episode 7 10
Krislian Rodriguez 25 Los Angeles, California Episode 6 11
Giah Hardeman 21 Bryan-College Station, Texas Episode 5 12
Cherish Waters 25 Los Angeles, California Episode 3 13
Justine Biticon 18 Panorama City, California Episode 2 14

^ Cody Wells and Tash Wells are identical twins, but they competed individually.
^ Tash Wells had previously been eliminated in Episode 4 but was brought back as the comeback contestant in Episode 9.

Cycle Overview

Cycle Episodes Originally Aired (U.S. dates)
Cycle Premiere Cycle Finale
23 15 December 12, 2016 March 8, 2017

Cycle 23: 2016/17

No. in
No. in
Title Original Air Date
290 1 "Business, Brand, Boss" December 12, 2016
A group of 28 aspiring models come to compete in their first challenge and attend a VIP industry event, where fourteen of them move on.
291 2 "Lights, Camera, Catwalk" December 19, 2016
The top fourteen are summoned to runway boot camp with Stacy McKenzie; the models discuss the state of race relations in America.
292 3 "Make Your Mark" December 26, 2016
The judges design signature looks for the contestants; the models participate in a nude photo shoot challenge.
293 4 "Major Key Alert" January 2, 2017
DJ Khaled breaks down social media branding for the models; Jasmine Sanders helps the contestants enhance their profiles.
294 5 "Avant Garde" January 9, 2017
Law Roach discusses the importance of personal style; Nicola Formichetti takes the models out of their comfort zones.
295 6 "Out for the Count" January 16, 2017
A romance between two models could cost one of them the competition; the contestants face off with Supermodel Chanel Iman.
296 7 "X Marks the Spot" January 23, 2017
Stacy McKenzie and choreographer Chris Grant want the models to create signature dance routines for a block party video shoot.
297 8 "The Glamorous Life" January 30, 2017
The models attend an exclusive party at Philipp Plein's estate; the women compete for the best couple shot.
298 9 "The Comeback" February 1, 2017
The previously eliminated models return to battle against the others in a fashion music video shoot, featuring French Montana.
299 10 "Platform Power" February 8, 2017
The models create a PSA to support the initiative behind Amber Rose's "Slutwalk"; embodying iconic women in pop culture.
300 11 "Celebrity Life" February 15, 2017
The models experience a day in the life of Rita Ora as they are bombarded by paparazzi throughout New York and later asked to personify her iconic Paper magazine cover.
301 12 "And Action!" February 22, 2017
The final five contestants compete in a theatrical scene; the models must transform into beautiful disasters.
302 13 "Behind the Scenes, Beyond the Flash" February 22, 2017
Highlights from the first twelve episodes of the season; interviews with panelists; contestant confessions.
303 14 "Brand Like a Boss" March 1, 2017
The finalists learn about being a brand ambassador for Rimmel; the models shoot a commercial for waterproof makeup.
304 15 "The Final Countdown" March 8, 2017
The finalists must complete a Paper Magazine photo-shoot spread; the eliminated contestants return to the runway one final time before one of the final three is crowned America's Next Top Model.


Call-Out Order

Place Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15
1 Courtney Cody Courtney Krislian Cory Anne Cory Anne India Tatiana India Tash
Cody India India India
2 Giah Courtney Cory Anne Binta Cody Cody Paige India Paige India Courtney Tatiana Tatiana
3 Justine Giah Marissa Paige India Tatiana Cory Anne Cody Cody Cody Tatiana Cory Anne Cory Anne Cory Anne
4 India Marissa India Tatiana Tatiana Marissa Tatiana Marissa Cory Anne Courtney Cory Anne Tatiana Courtney
5 Tash Tatiana Cody Giah Courtney Courtney Cody Paige Tatiana Tatiana Courtney Cody
6 Tatiana India Tash India Binta Paige Binta Cory Anne Courtney Cory Anne Tash
7 Kyle Paige Kyle Courtney Paige Binta Courtney Courtney Marissa Paige
8 Binta Binta Tatiana Marissa Marissa India Marissa Binta Tash
9 Cory Anne Tash Paige Kyle Krislian Kyle Kyle
10 Cherish Kyle Binta Cody Kyle Krislian
11 Paige Cherish Giah Cory Anne Giah
12 Krislian Krislian Krislian Tash
13 Marissa Cory Anne Cherish
14 Cody Justine
     The contestant was eliminated from the competition
     The contestant returned to the competition
     The contestant won the competition
  • In Episode 9, Tash returned to the competition.
  • Episode 13 was the recap episode.


  • As a result of the revival of the series following its cancellation by The CW in October 2015, this cycle follows the series' original format of an all-female contest.
  • This is the first cycle to:
    • Broadcast on VH1 opposed to The CW
    • Not feature Tyra Banks
    • Feature a completely revamped judging panel
    • Feature a completely different opening song


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