America's Next Top Model
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Cycle 2
Cycle 2 Cast.jpg
General Information
Country of origin: United States
Number of episodes: 11
Broadcast Information
Original channel: UPN
Premiere: January 13, 2004
Finale: March 23, 2004
Cycle Information
Judges: Tyra Banks
Janice Dickinson
Nigel Barker
Eric Nicholson
Number of contestants: 12
Winner: Yoanna House
Cycle Chronology
Previous: Cycle 1
Next: Cycle 3

Cycle 2 of America's Next Top Model premiered on January 13, 2004 on UPN and concluded on March 23, 2004. Tyra Banks remains as head judge of the cycle, and Janice Dickinson reprises her role as a main judge. Kimora Lee Simmons and Beau Quillian were replaced with Nigel Barker and Eric Nicholson. The cycle featured 12 girls in the cast, and lasted for 11 episodes.

Yoanna House was crowned as the winner of the cycle. 5th placed Camille McDonald was brought back for All-Stars in 2011, where she placed 11th.



The ages stated are from the start of the contest.

Contestant Age Hometown Eliminated Place
Yoanna House 23 Jacksonville, Florida N/A 1
Mercedes Scelba-Shorte 21 Valencia, California Episode 11 2
Shandi Sullivan 21 Kansas City, Missouri Episode 11 3
April Wilkner 23 Miami Beach, Florida Episode 10 4
Camille McDonald 25 Mamaroneck, New York Episode 8 5
Sara Racey-Tabrizi 22 Seattle, Washington Episode 7 6
Catie Anderson 18 Willmar, Minnesota Episode 6 7
Xiomara Frans 25 Morganville, New Jersey Episode 5 8
Jenascia Chakos 21 Burien, Washington Episode 4 9
Heather Blumberg 18 Moreno Valley, California Episode 3 10
Bethany Harrison 22 Houston, Texas Episode 2 11
Anna Bradfield 24 LaGrange, Georgia Episode 1 12

Cycle Overview

Cycle Episodes Originally Aired (U.S. dates)
Cycle Premiere Cycle Finale
2 12 January 13, 2004 May 11, 2004

Cycle 1: 2003

No. in
No. in
Title Original Air Date
10 1 "The Girl Who Overslept" January 13, 2004
Aspiring models perform for Marines aboard the USS Intrepid; a participant oversleeps for the first photo shoot and is left behind; a hopeful is forced off the set of a nude shoot.
11 2 "The Girl Who Floats Like a Butterfly and Stings Like a Bee" January 20, 2004
Competitive rivalry leads to heightened tensions at the house; a competitor falls off the runway; a contestant worries about her body shape.
12 3 "The Girl Who Can Cry at the Drop of a Hat" January 27, 2004
Models try to maintain their composure as they show off makeovers during a dangerous photo shoot; a hopeful wins a date with male models.
13 4 "The Girl Who Needs Six Months of Modeling School" February 3, 2004
The models face their harshest criticism; the participants prepare for a photo shoot, posing as legendary celebrities.
14 5 "The Girl Who Is a Visual Orgasm" February 10, 2004
The women visit a personality coach; high-pressure interviews reveal deepest secrets; underwater photo-shoot.
15 6 "The Girl Whose Lip Puffed Up" February 17, 2004
A model has an allergic reaction that swells her lips; the models undergo an acting exercise; a kissing scene with a soap star.
16 7 "The Girl Who Is Dripping With Hypocrisy" February 24, 2004
A model argues with her boyfriend back home, and all must learn sexy choreography in order to be featured in Tyra Banks' music video.
17 8 "The Girl With the Signature Walk" March 2, 2004
The models face more criticism and increased pressure; a contestant attempts to change her attitude; a hopeful thinks of quitting; one model accuses another of lying.
18 9 "The Girl Who Is Afraid of Snakes" March 9, 2004
A review of the contest includes unseen footage of competitors and judges.
19 10 "The Girl Who Cheated" March 16, 2004
In Milan, Italy, a night of passion leads to consequences; an emotional breakdown jeopardizes a contestant's chance of winning the competition.
20 11 "The Girl Who Is America's Next Top Model" March 23, 2004
The winner is announced
21 12 "The Runway Ahead" May 11, 2004
Updates involve the 11 runners-up and second-season winner Yoanna House, from her first photo shoots to her performance during L.A. Fashion Week.


  • This marked the first cycle to feature Nigel Barker as a judge.
  • This is the only American cycle to feature twelve contestants.
  • The international destination for the cycle was Milan, Italy.
    • This is the second European International destination.
  • This is the first cycle to feature Asian contestants: April, Sara and Jenascia.
  • This is the first cycle to not feature any 19 or 20 year old contestants.


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