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Courtney Paige Nelson was a contestant on cycle 23 of ANTM in 2016. She was the eleventh girl eliminated and placed fourth.

Early Life[]

Courtney suffered from scoliosis as a child, and had spinal surgery at fifthteen years old. She was raised by a single mother. The whereabouts of her father are unknown-but he appears to be deceased. She was kicked out of her house at 17 years old, and did not graduate high-school.[1]

She started modeling when she was still a teenager sometime in the early 2010s. She was already in the magazines Bay Fashion, Damaged Digital, Creem, DI MODA, Fashion Editorials, Florum Fashion, iMute, Jute, ACHE, Magnolia Rouge, Sessions, Wedding Nouveau, The Libertine, STATUS and WhiteLies. She had campaigns for LumillaMingus, SÃcduire Lashes, Cotton Candy LA, Benefit Cosmetics, Dolls Kill, Free People, Frock Los Angeles, The Well LA, Three Graces London, Bare Minerals, Piperlime, GAP.[2]


Courtney was best known for being the main hate figure of the cast. In auditions, she got into a fight with a semifinalist, Quei, and started to cry when she compared her eyebrows to Chia pets. She was the very first girl called to the final cast. In episode three, she asked Tash and Cody, if they could leave the room and give her peace and quiet, since she was sick. The two started screaming at her, with Marissa joining in. She later won the first call-out for the nude group photoshoot.

In episode four, she and Binta got into many heated arguments during the challenge with DJ Khaled. Courtney was surprisingly the winner of the challenge. This led to Binta getting into a screaming match with her in the limo ride home. Later, she fell down the stairs and hurt her shoulder. Most of the girls thought her reaction was overdramatic. In episode five, the judges call her out for being a cold person, with Drew being annoyed at her constant complaining. In episode six, after an argument between Kyle and Marissa, Courtney intervened which caused Marissa to lash out at her.

In episode eight, she got into an argument with CoryAnne about her disrespectful attitude. She later struggled at the jet setting photoshoot with Jason Derulo, and didn't even acknowledge his existence until the very end of her shooting. It was revealed post show that she was sick with a fever during the shoot and didn't want to get jason sick. Later at the house, she talked to CoryAnne about her homeless upbringing with her hoarding mother who kicked her out when she was seventeen. This made CoryAnne cry and the two made up. She was in the bottom two with Binta, and spared. In episode nine, despite an improvement in attitude, she was in the bottom two again for her weak music video. She was saved again over Marissa.

In episode ten, she and Tatiana got into an argument during the Slutwalk challenge with Amber Rose. Despite this, they were the winning group. Later, they got into another argument after Courtney ate her ice cream. In episode eleven, she won the paparazzi challenge, and chose India to share the Universal Studios trip prize with her. However, she was later in the bottom two again for her weak Paper magazine photo, and saved yet again over Tash. In episode twelve, she got emotional during the acting challenge, which helped her win. She bragged about her three wins in the limo ride home. The other girls thought she was insensitive, while India defended her.

In episode fourteen, she did the weakest at the Rimmel spokesperson challenge, and later performed mediocre at the Rimmel commercial. She was in the bottom two for the fourth time with CoryAnne, and eliminated for her lack of versatility.

Call-Out Order[]

Courtney Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
1st 2nd 1st 7th 5th 5th 7th 7th 6th 4th 5th 2nd Eliminated

Behind the Scenes[]

Courtney was the subject of controversy when a fake article about her, Sandee Nelson denied the claims about her homelessness on the show. It was stated that she wrote the story back in elementary school for a $500 contest prize and stuck with it. It was also claimed that she was a very spoiled child. Although, child protective service records in the city of San Mateo California show CPS was called to her home multiple times for abuse. There are also court records of her mother stating she was in jail for 6 moths when Courtney was only 5 years old for neglect. Courtney has stood by her side of the story.[3]


After the show, Courtney signed with JE Model Management in San Francisco.[4] She was in Faces, Vulkan, Damaged, Basic, Jute, Caterva MX, Institute, Cake, Modisch, Hunger and Mordant. She modeled for Nika Tang, Scorpio Jin,, Samantha Eng., BeautyCon, Botanolution, NARS, Stilazzi, Nyx and KKW Beauty.[5][6] She was featured in a campaign for Tatiana's Skinbuttr, posing with each other and Rhiyan Carreker.[7]

She played the character Paige in the 2021 movie "Devil's Triangle".[8]


Courtney has since retired from modeling full-time to pursue a career in electro-pop. She first released a cover of the Nine Inch Nails song "Hurt" in 2018.[9][10] Her first official single, "Saved Myself", was released in 2020.[11] As of 2022, She recieved her first big label cut with DJ Moore Kismet for her song 'See You Go" her song "Sick For You" with Brazil DJS also has over 1,200,000 plays on Spotify.

Other Ventures[]

She is the founder of a nonprofit organization called Beneath The Beautiful, created to help children from low-income families afford surgeries.[12]


Her fight with Binta ranked number three on MsMojo's YouTube video "Top 10 Craziest Fights on America's Next Top Model".[13]


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