America's Next Top Model

Celia Ammerman is an American fashion model. She was a contestant on cycle 12 of ANTM in 2009, where She placed fourth.

Early Life

Celia grew up in Cynthiana, Kentucky. She realized she wanted to work in the fashion industry at fourteen after trying on her mother's wedding gown. She took part in every runway show and photoshoot available in Lexington, Kentucky, including the Bella Rose clothing boutique and the non-profit Beaux Arts Ball. When she moved to Brooklyn in July 2006, she lived in an apartment across from a chicken slaughterhouse. She has previously worked as a Thom Browne specialist for the Bergdorf Goodman department store.

She originally auditioned for Top Model in 2007, at age 23. In 2009, an acquaintance who tried out for "Stylista", another CW reality show produced by Bankable Productions, introduced her to an ANTM casting agent, who encouraged her to submit photos and attend a closed casting call.


At 25 years old, Celia was the oldest contestant in the cycle. The judges repeatedly expressed concern that she might be too old for the industry. However, she was also complimented by the judges on multiple occasions for her elegance, her love of fashion and its reflection in her personal styling. Paulina called her "non-traditional model looks".

Celia was good friends with Allison and Kortnie. In episode five, after the judges voted to keep Sandra on the show instead of Kortnie, Celia told the judges she felt Tahlia should be disqualified because she had been expressing a great deal of self-doubt and questioning whether she should stay on the show. Tyra criticized Celia for making the public statement, claiming that decision should come from Tahlia rather than her. In episode six, she was put in the bottom two for this, but saved over Sandra. In episode seven, Celia received the first call-out for her outstanding CoverGirl commercial, while Tahlia was eliminated.

In episode eleven, Celia was late to the go-sees by one minute. She was put in the bottom two with Fo because of her age, but saved again. She then won the dancing challenge next episode, but once again was criticized for looking too mature. She was eliminated over Aminat.

At the cycle 12 reunion, Celia was voted "Fiercest personal style" by the audience.[1]

Behind The Scenes

Celia said in an interview that before she revealed to the judges that Tahlia did not want to be in the competition, Tyra came up to the contestants and said “Girls, you know we don’t know what goes on in the house. So if you have anything to tell us, now is the time to say it.” Ammerman says she “definitely wasn’t forced to do it” and that she takes “full responsibility” for the incident but upon hearing Tyra she “was like ‘oh ok!’”.[2]


After the show, Celia was featured in the New York Post style section and was in Allure and Vogue Italia.[3]

Personal Life

Ammerman collects coins, stamps and Star Wars action figures. In April 2009, Ammerman was working at the Intermix fashion store in Manhattan.[4]


The clip of her throwing Tahlia under the bus amassed 5.5 million views on YouTube. It is the most viewed video relating to the cycle.[5]

Her, Allison and Natalie's fight with Aminat, Tahlia and Teyona ranked number four on MsMojo's YouTube video "Top 10 Craziest Fights on America's Next Top Model".[6]

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