America's Next Top Model

Candace Monae Smith was a contestant on cycle 18 of ANTM in 2012. She was the fourth girl eliminated and placed eleventh.

Early Life

Candace was born in New Brunswick New Jersey, and raised in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn by a single mother. She attended ps26 Jesse Owen's elementary school, Boys and Girls high school, and American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service. She later decided to drop out of college to pursue a Modeling and Acting career. At 19 years old, she booked her first job with Cosmopolitan. She was also in Essence and Seventeen. She also was in an ad for Always[1][2][3][4]


Candace was best known for saying she tried out eight times for the show.

In episode two, Candace made fun of Seymone for eating a haggis by herself at the gross food challenge. The two got into an argument. At the photoshoot, Ashley and Sophie made fun of her face in confessional.

In episode four, she did a poor job at the spokesperson challenge, being very aggressive at selling coffee. She was put in the bottom two with Seymone, and eliminated. When Tyra walked up to hug her, she threw Kyle under the bus by saying she doesn't want to be there, but Tyra didn't know who she was talking about.

Behind the Scenes

Candace uploaded a video to YouTube on June 2, 2012, where she stated the spokesperson challenge was selective editing. She said "This coffee originated in South Asia, it branched off to Africa, and now I'm here in America promoting it." before the "Buy this coffee" part.[5]


After the show, Candace was in the magazines Like a Lion, Idoll, Unfolded, Essence and Upscale.[6] She modeled for Buick, Indique Hair, RK by Kiss, Her Imports and BUXOM Cosmetics.[7][8] She modeled for Whoopi Goldberg's clothing line, Dubgee.[9]


Candace has acted in the series "The Breaks", "Ray Donovan", "She's Gotta Have It" and "Motherless Brooklyn".[10] She was an assassin in the movie "John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum".[11]


  • Coincidentally, Candace shares the same name as Candace Smith of "Survivor: Tocatins". They are also both models, both on their shows eighteenth season and both were eliminated in the first half of the competition.
  • Candace is the least followed verified girl from the show on Instagram.

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