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g   Camille McDonald
Gender: Female
Born: November 26, 1977
Age: 43
Home: Mamaroneck, New York
Height: 5 ft 9.5 in (1.77 m)
Friends and Family
Children: Kennedy (Daughter)
Friends: Catie Anderson
Feuds: Bianca Golden

Xiomara Frans Yoanna House

Cycle 2

Cycle 17

Place: 5th/12th (Cycle 2)

11th/14th (Cycle 17)

Debut: The Girl Who Overslept (Cycle 2)

Nicki Minaj (Cycle 17)

Eliminated: The Girl With the Signature Walk (Cycle 2)

Anthony Zuiker (Cycle 17)

Camille McDonald (born November 26, 1977) was a contestant on cycle 2 of ANTM in 2004, where she placed fifth. She later returned for All-Stars in 2011, where she placed eleventh.

Early Life

Camille was originally born in Mamaroneck, New York. She began winning beauty contests in her early teens including The Stephanie Gibbs Model Search in 1995. A year later she was crowned Miss Teen Florida in 1996 as well as Miss Jamaica US 1st runner up in 1997.


Cycle 2

Camille was known as the main villain of her cycle. She formed a rivalry with Yoanna starting from episode two. A house meeting was started because of Camille's attitude in the house. Yoanna famously yells "I'm not finished!" when Camille interrupts her.

She proved to be a strong competitor, getting the first call-out in episode one, but was constantly criticized for her attitude, such as the spokesperson judging challenge in episode five. The judges didn't like her arrogance, and was in the bottom two with Xiomara. Next episode, she developed an allergic reaction, making her lips swollen, and missing the acting challenge exercise. At the actual challenge, Camille didn't follow the script lines and made up completely new ones, angering Tasha Smith-Arqese.

Camille and Yoanna patched things up in episode eight, where Camille even shared her go-see challenge win prize with Yoanna, but later she told Tyra at dinner that Yoanna may have an eating disorder, which all the girls scolded her on. She was also scolded by the judges at panel with her behavior at the go-sees, including the infamous line "This is my signature walk and this is what will make me famous." She was eliminated that week.

Call-Out Order

Camille Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1st 3rd 6th 7th 7th 6th 3rd Eliminated

Cycle 17

The the first episode of All-Stars, Camille was immediately disliked by the house, namely Bianca, as soon as she walked in. After chatting with Dominique in episode two about Bianca's "Candid" branding, Bianca lashed out about it with Bre and Isis, to Camille and Dominique's confusion. In episode 4, Camille is upset about having only bills in her mail while all the other girls have personal letters and gifts from family. She was eliminated that episode for a lack of spark she had unlike Cycle 2.


Camille has appeared on numerous "Where are they now?" installments of Top Model as well as appearances on The Tyra Banks Show, The E! True Hollywood Story, The Fiercee Awards, Modelville and an episode of cycle 7.

Outside of ANTM, she signed with Major Model management in Milan and New York. Her print work includes Harlem World, Smooth, Kimi Wear, Glamour, Women's Wear Daily, and W.[1]

She has been featured on many runways such as BET's Rip the Runway and "ElleGirl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America's Next Top Model's 2005" as well as its second installment where she walked for Alice and Olivia's in Fall 2006, Escada, and Wolfords of London.

She designed a lingerie line called "Lingerwear" inspired by Jamaica. Cycle 4 winner Naima and her twin sister Nia Mora have modeled for it.

Personal Life

Camille gave birth to her daughter, Kennedy, around 2016.


  • Camille is the first girl to place in the bottom two for three weeks.
  • Camille is the first girl to win the annual go-see challenge. (There was no declared winner for cycle 1)
  • She was also the first girl to win the challenge and be eliminated in the same episode.
  • Camille is the first Caribbean Top Model contestant, with Jamaican heritage.
  • In All-Stars, Camille and Lisa were the first contestants to compete in their 30s. Camille at 33 was also the oldest girl to compete on the show until Christina and Erin in cycle 24.


Cycle 2:

  • "Don't play me. You have a better chance playing Lotto."
  • "Oh... My... God..."
  • "This is my signature walk and this is the walk that's gonna make me famous. Actually, I'm here because I got chosen out of six thousand girls, and twelve were chosen for America's Next Top Model."

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