America's Next Top Model

Brittany Rubalcaba McMahon was a contestant on cycle 11 of ANTM in 2008, where she was eliminated third and placed twelfth.

Early Life

Before the show, Brittany was on the cover of Las Vegas Weekly.[1]


Brittany was the seventh girl called into the final cast. There were two other Brittany's who were called right after, and they had to change their names while Rubalcaba's stayed the same.

In episode four, she was upset for receiving a safe makeover, thinking she was just a pretty girl. Later, Elina told her that she hated her mom, and Brittany called her an "evil bitch" in confessional. She was eliminated over Lio for being too commercial.


Brittany did not pursue any modeling after the show.[2]

She married Cory McMahon in October 2019.[3]