Brittany "Bre" Scullark (born April 26, 1985) was a contestant who finished 3rd on Cycle 5.
Bre - commercial

Early Life

Scullark was born in Harlem, New-York. She was considered quite ghetto during her stint on ANTM because of this. She began swimming competitively when she 9 years old, winning many medals. Bre attended catholic school throughout elementary and middle school. Her first fashion show was The Juneteenth fashion show in NYC. Entering Sullivan College Upstate NY, where she studied international sales, another outlet for her to pursue her dream and travel the world, Bre began an internship at Vincent Nessi's Showroom.

America's Next Top Model

Scullark was the 5th contestant chosen to be part of the final 14 girls. Over her stay she gathered two challenge wins, two Covergirl of the Week titles and one first call-out. She also holds the record (tied with Ann Markley and Jade Cole) for landing the most times in the bottom two (5 in total). She finished 3rd, as despite her strong improvement, she was seen as weaker than her two competitors Nik and Nicole.
She has since appeared on both Cycle 7 and 8 as well as America's Next Top Model Exposed she was also one of the few girls picked to be in Antm allstars .


Bre, referred to by Ms J. as one of the best walkers ever on the show has participated in many fashion shows including BET’s Rip the Runway, Valentino & Prada, Hot 97’s Fashion Show. She appeared in the video 'Change Me' of Ruben Studdard. She has modelled for Essence[1][2], Dark and Lovely[1], Mahogany, Fall 2006[1][3], Cover, April 2007[3], Knit.1, Fall 2007[3][2], Kmart[2] and Doucette Duval[2]. Together with Nik Pace and Nicole Linkletter, she has also appeared in US Weekly, December 2005[4] She has also hosted Certified, a music show. She can also be seen representing AMBI skincare products in a national television commercial.


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