America's Next Top Model

Annaliese Dayes was a contestant on cycle 5 of BNTM in 2009, where she placed seventh. She later competed on cycle 18 of ANTM in 2012, where she was the second runner-up.


In ANTM, Annaliese was best known for her vibrant personality and being the narrator of the cycle. She was also known for being hated by Kelly Cutrone. In episode three, she was assigned the leader of the British girls in the photoshoot challenge. Kelly castigates Annaliese for her disorganized leadership. In episode four, she did an amazing job at the product selling challenge, with the focus group loving her charisma. She won the challenge.

Throughout the show, she was praised for her stunning photos, but criticized for being more of a presenter than a model, and her height was brought up as an issue, namely by Cutrone. She was put in the bottom two for this in episode eleven, and eliminated over Laura, whose body of work was stronger.


During the airing of British Invasion, Annaliese uploaded her own recap series on YouTube, with the first video posted on March 8, 2012.[1] In late 2020, she uploaded reaction videos of the cycle for a newer audience.[2]

Annaliese signed with Noel Gay Management as a presenter.[3][4] As of 2020, Annaliese is signed with Zone Models.[5]

She was in the magazines Pride, Fashion Insider, Black Beauty, Park, EM, BlackHair, The Guardian, W.A.C, Flawless Woman, TYD, She Caribbean, Woman, Hairstyles Only, Wired UK, Amor UK and Cosmopolitan UK.[6] She modeled for Olay Total Effects and Avon South Africa.[7][8]

For two years, Annaliese presented the Non Stop Club Classics for Heart Radio nationwide on Friday and Saturdays from 7pm until 10pm. Annaliese is also a featured presenter for "The Clothes Show". For four years she has headed the online channel Clothes Show TV, worked as a roaming reporter and diary room presenter as well as hosting various fashion stages at their live events including the Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model Live stage.

She has interviewed celebrities such as Janet and Jermaine Jackson, Kelly Rowland, Peter Andre, Ella Eyre, Rick Edwards and fashion’s elite, Caryn Franklin, Hillary Alexander and Mary Katrantzou.[9] She was the voiceover narrator for the last two cycles of BNTM.[10]


  • Annaliese is the lowest placing girl from BNTM to compete on ANTM.
  • Annaliese stated on the Next Top Best Friend podcast that her name is pronounced "Enna-lease" and not "Awna-lease". Tyra never corrected this.[11]
  • The episode two photoshoot with the Jenner's was filmed on her 25th birthday.[12]

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