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g   Anna Bradfield
Gender: Female
Age: 41
Home: LaGrange, Georgia
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Friends and Family
Spouse: Unnamed husband
Children: Macarius (Son)
Feuds: Nigel Barker
Cycle 2
Place: 12th/12th
Debut: The Girl Who Overslept
Last: The Girl Who Overslept

Anna Marie Bradfield, née Capilli was a contestant on cycle 2 of ANTM, where she was the first girl to be eliminated.


Anna was the only mother of the cycle, and was praised by the other girls for her nurturing skills. She was later uncomfortable with posing nude with a naked man in the Adam & Eve photoshoot, because she was married. She refused to participate, and was later ridiculed by the judges for not doing it. She was in the bottom two with Jenascia and was eliminated.


Anna never signed to an agency, but she did have one of the longer careers of the cycle. She was in Hopelessly Romantic, Runway and Jezebel magazine, and she took over 300 tests shots. She has appeared in ads for Fevour cosmetics, Goldilox Hair House, Bashinski Fine Gems & Jewelry, Cadieux Interiors: The Salon Collection, and Body Design Personal Training.[1][2]

Personal Life

Anna also works as a dental hygienist, and she has another son.


  • Anna is the only girl in ANTM history to not have a single photo in their show portfolio other than the casting and promotional photos.
  • Anna is the first girl to place twelfth.
  • Anna is the second plus-size contestant to compete, after Robin from Cycle 1.
  • She was the first contestant from Georgia.


  • (About the other girls doing the nude shoot) "I sat there in the room and I saw these girls, their coochie was showing, their breasts were hangin' out, nipples showing, plus the male model is down there, you know, where your private part is."

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