America's Next Top Model

Ann Marie Ward is an American fashion model, best known as the winner of cycle 15 of ANTM in 2010.

Early Life

Ward states that Dallas, Texas is her hometown, although she hails from nearby Prosper, a small suburb that straddles Collin and Denton counties. She graduated from Prosper High School in 2009. She stated that she was mocked during school due to her height and slim figure, which caused her to develop self-confidence problems.


In auditions, Ann was immediately memorable for her 6'2" height. The judges were also shocked by her extremely thin waist, which was so skinny that Miss Jay could wrap both his hands all the way around it. Upon first seeing her, Tyra said, "There's something about her that I like!".

A trailer showed Tyra's comments immediately after a discussion about Ann's waist, which created a public backlash that Tyra was condoning overly skinny models. Later, she released a press statement clarifying this was not the case, claiming the editing gave the wrong impression, and apologizing for "any confusion, anger or disappointment" it caused.[1]

Ann made Top Model history by receiving the first call-out for every photoshoot in the first five episodes. However, although her photos were lauded, she was also noted for her shyness, insecurity and awkwardness outside of photo shoots, such as doubting herself at the wrestling shoot.

She also had difficulty during challenges that required talking. In episode eight, she did a poor job at the energy drink commercial, which included her falling and landing on her back during one take. She was put in the bottom two with Esther, and saved based on her track record.

She beat Chelsey in the finale due to Chelsey having no first call-outs.


Ann's cover of Beauty In Vogue was published in May 2011 and her editorial in Vogue Italia was published in March 2011, shot by Ellen Von Unwerth. Instead of having a two-page spread, she received a seven-page spread in Vogue Italia. She was also featured on the cover of Velvet Magazine in fall of 2011.

She has signed with Paragon Model Management in Mexico City.[2]

She walked for Alex London with Jane Randall, Alexandria Everett and Hannah Jones. In October 2013, she walked in a fashion show called Desfile Google+PV14, and wore Pineda Covalin's 2014 collection.

She has since retired from modeling, and works as an illustrator and graphic designer for comic books, video games and animated short films. She sometimes hosts livestreams of her drawings.[3]


In 2015, the New York Post included her among the ten contestants on their list of "most fascinating contestants" in the show's history.[4] Marie Claire included her on a list of the 24 best America's Next Top Model contestants, commenting that she "glowed with charisma in spite of—or, really because of—her physical awkwardness".[5]


  • Ann is the tallest female contestant in ANTM history.
  • Ann has the highest call-out average of all the ANTM winners, with a score of 2.20.
  • She is the first girl to receive a fifth and sixth first-call-out
  • She is the second girl to receive four first call-outs consecutively. She is after Krista White.

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