America's Next Top Model

Angelea Preston is an American fashion model, best known for her three appearances as a competitor on ANTM. She has appeared in cycles 12, 14 and 17.


Cycle 12

Angelea's first appearance on the show was in cycle 12. She revealed to the judges that she had to sleep in a bus terminal to get to the audition, and it was also revealed to the other girls that she had a daughter who died.

She was known for rubbing some of the girls the wrong way, namely Sandra. At the Greek Goddess photoshoot, the two got into an argument, and both called eachothers toenails ugly. The argument didn't go unnoticed by Mr. Jay, and told Tyra at deliberation. When Sandra was called to the final cast, she bumped into Angelea, possibly on purpose. She was clearly devastated, saying that she couldn't go back home to Buffalo.

Cycle 14

Angelea returned in cycle 14. Many of the other girls recognized Angelea from her first appearance on the show, and her look was compared with Gabrielle, who was also biracial. Angelea's features and masculine beauty impressed the judges, as well as her new attitude and persistance, earning her a place in the house, being called last for the final cast.

During her time on the show, Angelea was known for her strong rivalry with Brenda. She stared at her menacingly in the first week in the house, and she called this the "Bitch please" look. She made fun of her haircut with Krista, saying she looked like Chucky and Miranda from "Sex And The City". She also exploded at Brenda in the limo when she called her uneducated.

Angelea had a total of six top three call-outs and won the go-see challenge in New Zealand. Despite her strong portfolio and track record, she failed to make it into the final two and was eliminated with Alexandra. The judges feared that Angelea would see winning the competition as "the end" rather than "the beginning" of her career in modelling.

Cycle 17 (All-Stars)

Angelea was the first girl to enter the Top Model house, and she described herself as an "All Star" because people recognize her.

She appeared in the bottom two four times, the first with Isis, the second time with Lisa, which was a non-elimination week, the third time with Alexandria and the fourth time with Dominique.

In the finale, in a shocking and unexpected twist, Angelea was disqualified from the competiton after filming ended. The judging after the final runway was reshot in Los Angeles sometime later with just Allison and Lisa.[1]


There was much speculation as to why Angelea was disqualified from the show. A rumor started that she spoiled the finale on her Facebook, stating that she was the winner. There was also speculation that she was pregnant during filming, which would make her ineligible to compete at all.

Angelea revealed in a DailyMail interview that the true reason she was disqualified was because she worked as an escort for around three weeks after cycle 12.[2][3] She was originally declared the winner, and an original finale panel was filmed.

She announced that she was suing Tyra and the show for $3,000,000. The result of the lawsuit remains unknown to the public.[4][5][6]


After the show, Angelea was in the magazines Fashionista, Artvoice, Buffalo Rising and Solis.[7] She modeled for Keratin Earth, and was in a commercial.[8][9] She has walked for The Sachika Twins and Richie Rich.[10]

She gave birth to a son. She was signed to Expecting Models during her pregnancy.[11]


Angelea was ranked number 10 on MsMojo's YouTube video "Top 10 Shocking Eliminations on America’s Next Top Model".[12] Her fight with Sandra was an honorable mention on MsMojo's YouTube video "Top 10 Craziest Fights".[13]


  • Angelea is the only girl in ANTM history to be a contestant on three different cycles.

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