America's Next Top Model

Allison Kuehn was a contestant on cycle 10 of ANTM in 2008. She was the third girl eliminated and placed twelfth.

Early Life

Allison was modeling in Asia before the show. She was featured in a national campaign for Olay in Hong Kong.[1]


Allison was known for bragging about her experience in auditions. She leaned her arm back over her chair in the confessional.

In the third episode, she was best known for her rivalry with Fatima, who commented on her weight. Later, Allison tried to get back at Fatima by playing with Barbie dolls. She took a black doll that she represented as Fatima, bent it over and said "I like to take it up the back because I'm black!" to which Fatima ridiculed her for.

It was revealed in the recap episode that Allison usually ate Jell-o mixed with A1.

She performed poorly at the lingerie shoot, and was critiqued for practicing her poses in the mirror right before shooting. Later, she angered the judges for not saying "Thank you" after they complimented her. She was eliminated over Dominique.[2]


Since the show, Allison has been signed with Ford Models in Milwaukee, Vue Model Management, I Model and Talent in Los Angeles, and Front Management in Miami. She was featured in editorials for Wedding More, Jessica Code, and Pop magazine.[3]

She has since retired from modeling and is currently a digital content producer at KingsIsle Entertainment.[4] She has designed for Zindigo, Raoul, bella j., InstructorHQ, Gloom Busters, Animal Cove, R&M Development, Wizard 101 and Julian Chang.[5]

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