America's Next Top Model

Alisha White was a contestant on cycle 6 of BNTM in 2010, where she was the runner-up. She later competed on cycle 18 of ANTM in 2012. She quit in the top five and was in a double elimination with Eboni Davis


In episode one, Alisha performed poorly in the US vs. UK icons photoshoot, and broke into tears on set, with all the other British girls comforting her. She placed in the bottom four. In episode three, Alisha was criticized for choosing a bad photo for the photoshoot, where her legs were cropped out. She broke down again at panel, and was placed in the bottom four. None of the four were eliminated due to Louise's quitting.

In episode four, at the product selling challenge, Alisha was received poorly by a focus group, with one man even saying he didn't like her "African accent". In episode five, she did a magnificent job at the music video challenge, and received the first call-out. Next episode, she became emotional with her girl at the anti-bullying commercial challenge. She did a poor job at the dinner party with Estelle photoshoot. She was put in the bottom two with Kyle, and saved because of her pictures in the background of the other girls photos. Next episode, she won her second first call-out for the Hello Kitty photoshoot.

In episode nine, she did another poor job at the silkworm photoshoot in Macau, and made the dress look cheap. She was in the bottom two again, and saved again over Catherine. In episode ten, she once again performed badly at the Macau tower shoot. She was in the bottom two again with Eboni. She was originally saved, but she broke down in tears and told Tyra she wanted to leave because she was emotionally drained and didn't feel like herself.

Behind the Scenes

There is a very popular internet rumor that Alisha was supposed to be the pre-selected winner, and she figured it out. She truly quit because she knew her win would be unfair. In July 2019, she said on the Next Top Best Friend podcast that she had no idea about this.[1]

She said that the quitting panel lasted for hours and tried very hard to get Eboni to stay. She also revealed that for the music video challenge, that was her first and only take.

Annaliese said in one of her recap videos that the focus group in episode four was even more racist that what was shown. Someone said about Alisha "She looks like she should be selling chicken".[2]


Outside of Top Model, Alisha was in the magazines Flavour, Pride, NOIR, Shiloh, Black Beauty and Hair, Fashion E-zine, Whitney Marie UK, In-Spire, Fashion Ghana, More Magazine UK, Reveal, Buzz, Black Hair, Ellements, 708 and[3]



  • "Naked? Naked? These American girls are horny as hell."
  • "Pig's feet? You might as well chop off your own foot and eat it!"

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