America's Next Top Model

Alexandria Everett is an American fashion model. She was a contestant on cycle 16 of ANTM in 2011, where she placed fourth. She returned for All-Stars the same year, and placed seventh.

Early Life

Before the show, Alexandria was in the magazines Swoop, Cosmopolitan and Orange Coast in 2010.[1]


Cycle 16

Alexandria was known as the main villain of the cycle. She rubbed many girls up the wrong way, notably Brittani, whom she had a feud with on the set of their challenge photo shoot with Nigel Barker, and was ultimately brought up by Barker at judging, with Brittani running out the room in tears.

She also clashed with Monique and Molly, whereas other girls such as Kasia, Dalya and Hannah thought she may have "serious psychological issues" and even Jaclyn admitted to being scared of her.

During her time on the cycle, Alexandria earned two first call-outs, and one third call-out. She also won two challenges, one of which having the prize be a Ford Focus. She was in the bottom two three times, the first time with Rune, due to Alexandria's rude behaviour on set, where she attempted to direct the director, the second time with Kasia, and the third time with Hannah, where she was eliminated.[2]

Cycle 17

In episode one of All-Stars, she was booed at the live judging, with one man yelling "Hey Alex, Fuck you!" She was put in the bottom two for being disliked by the fans, but saved because Brittany was forgettable to the fans, which Tyra said was worse.

In episode two, she was given the branding word "Tough". She cried tears of joy at makeovers when her hair was cut to shoulder length, which was mocked by the other girls.

In episode six, she was in the bottom two again with Bre for looking like a bad actress in her Coco Rocha catfight photo. She was saved again.

In episode eight, she was in the bottom two again for being too stiff and robotic in the music video. She was eliminated over Angelea.


After the show, Alexandria was in Supermodels Unlimited magazine in 2016.[3]

She modeled for the brands Urban 1972, JT Carpetbag, BODYPOP Activewear and Private Arts.[4]

She was in a short film titled "Sandbox" in 2012.[5]

She has since retired from modeling, and gave birth to a daughter named Jessica.


  • Alexandria is the only girl to be a finalist on two cycles back-to-back.

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