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g   Adrianne Curry
782010 01.jpg
Gender: Female
Born: August 6, 1982
Age: 38
Home: Joliet, Illinois
Height: 5 ft 10.5 in (1.79 m)
Spouse: Christopher Knight (Div. 2013)

Matthew Rhode

Friends: Kesse Wallace

Shannon Stewart Tessa Carlson

Feuds: Elyse Sewell

Robin Manning

Cycle 1
Place: 1st/10th
Debut: The Girl Who Wants It Bad
Last: The Girl Who Needs Six Months of Modeling School

Adrianne Marie Curry-Rhode was a contestant on cycle 1 of ANTM in 2003. She was crowned the first ever winner of the series.


Adrianne was known for being a big tomboy, and not having the most knowledge with fashion. She was good friends with Elyse and had a constant rivalry with Robin and Shannon. Tyra dubbed the feud once as "The Christians vs. the Pagans".

Adrianne developed food poisoning in episode three, and was almost automatically eliminated due to not showing up at the judging panel. Despite still being very sick, she went to judging and performed the panel challenge, which Tyra commended.

During the go-sees challenge in Paris, Adrianne was sexually harassed by a man on the street, brushing up on her thigh. Adrianne eventually broke down over this and couldn't enter the go-see. She was put in the bottom two that episode, but was saved over Kesse.

In the first half of the finale, she was in the bottom two with Elyse, and saved. She was later crowned the winner over Shannon, due to having more passion and being more versatile.

Adrianne made an appearance in cycle 2 as part of a challenge win. She was also referenced in a trivia question for a challenge in cycle 20.

Call-Out Order

Adrianne Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9
4th 5th 5th 3rd 1st 4th 2nd 2nd Winner


After winning the show, Adrianne was very vocal that she was never given her Revlon modeling contract that was one of her prizes. In 2017, fourteen years after winning, she published a blog article titled "The truth about Top Model" and has stated that when she met with Revlon, they informed her that they never planned on using the winner for any ads, regardless of who she was.[1]

She has modeled for several magazines and brands, including Life & Style, Us Weekly, Star, OK!, Stuff, People, Maxim (where she made the Maxim Hot 100 list in 2005), Spanish Marie Claire, Von Dutch, Von Dutch Watches, Salon City, Macy's, Famous Stars and Straps, Lucky, Ed Hardy, Kinis Bikinis, Beverly Hills Choppers, and Merit Diamonds.[2][3]

Her runway shows include Anne Bowen Spring 2005, Jaime Pressly, Pamela Anderson's line, Ed Hardy, Von Dutch, and Christopher Deane. She has appeared in a commercial for the Merit Diamonds Sirena Collection that ran from November 2004 to January 2006. She appeared on the cover and in a nude pictorial for Playboy in February 2006. She returned for a second cover and nude pictorial in the January 2008 issue. She made Playboy's 2008 top 25 sexiest women, along with the top 100 Playboy spreads 2008 edition. In late 2006, she modeled for a technological demo created by Nvidia to showcase their video cards. She was a spokesmodel for "The Flex Belt" alongside Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards. In 2016, Adrianne was signed by LA Models, however, she announced that they had dropped her shortly after signing her.[4]


Adrianne has served as a co-host on the GSN billiards game show "Ballbreakers" in 2005. She starred in the UPN shows "Rock Me Baby" in 2004, and "Half & Half" in 2003. She also starred in "Dirt", which featured Courtney Cox. In 2005, she was featured in the fourth season of VH1's "The Surreal Life". From 2005 to 2008, she starred in VH1's "My Fair Brady" alongside her then husband Christopher Knight.

Curry also took part in cosplay and video gaming. Between November and December 2010, she worked as the Resident Celebrity Gamer panelist judge on the second series of "The Tester", a reality program on the PlayStation Network. She returned to the panel in the third series which began on the February 7, 2012. Curry hosted live coverage of Blizzcon for Direct TV in 2011, as well as hosting live from E3 for Namco Bandai in both 2011 and 2012. She had a Game of Thrones themed wedding with Matt Rhode in 2018.

Adrianne has since retired from modeling and the entertainment industry, and currently sells Avon makeup products. In 2020, Adrianne revealed that she had her breast implants removed.


  • Adrianne is of Italian descent.
  • Adrianne is the first girl in ANTM history to perform a photoshoot.
  • She is the first ever winner of ANTM, as well as the first winner of the entire Top Model franchise.
  • She is the only Top Model winner from 2003.
  • She has been infamously removed from the ANTM opening credits in cycles 7, 8 and 9, during the collage of all the past winners. This is most likely due to Adrianne's bad relationship with the show at the time.
  • Her and Ann Ward are the only winners to never pose in a photoshoot with Tyra along with the prizes.
  • Adrianne, Katie and Nicole are the first girls to be picked to go on a reward without winning the challenge.


  • "Robin was very scared to take her old weave out, because she wanted everybody to think it was natural, but it wasn't."
  • "I do believe in God...I'm just not psychotic about it."


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